The window grille at Rejadorada Palace tells the story of Toro’s greatest heroine, Antona García.

The town, under the yoke of the Portuguese, who had the support of its governor Juan de Ulloa, came up against the army of Queen Isabella of Castile in 1476.


A group of resistance fighters loyal to the kingdom of Castile and led by Antona planned to hand Toro over to Isabella.

The plot was uncovered and Ulloa sent them all to the gallows, except for Antona, who he condemned to death by hanging on the window grille of her own home.


A few days later, Isabella reconquered Toro, and upon hearing of Antona’s sacrifice, bravery and nobleness, her love for and defence of her land, the queen ordered the grille she was executed on to be gilded so that the memory of this exceptional woman would shine on forever in the memories of all the townspeople of Toro.

Her honour, nobleness and bravery inspire us now and always in our commitment to the tradition of Toro.