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The passion and know-how


cepas de Bodega Rejadorada

Rejadorada‘s history has Tinta de Toro grapes at its heart. The only variety that for centuries has thrived in the inhospitable climate of our vineyards. This grape expresses the character of the land in which it has buried its roots, giving the wines a genuine essence.

Traditional winemaking, controlled and nuanced by today’s winemaking technologies, to which the contribution of ageing in oak barrels adds aromas, body, and complexity, allowing the spirit and unique character of our vineyards to be expressed in authentic wines that speak of their place of origin.

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hombre paseando por las vinas de la Bodega Rejadorada
dos hombres en las vinas de Rejadorada
responsables de Bodega Rejadorada brindando en la bodega

Rejadorada is the fruit of the passion of two restless minds: Luis Remesal, who in 1999 took up the family winemaking tradition, and José A. Fernández ‘Chencho’, a leading and long-standing oenologist of this land. Together they founded Bodegas Rejadorada in Toro in the Reja Dorada palace and in 2003 they inaugurated the current winery in San Román de Hornija, where again two passionate non-conformists have taken over the family tradition: Mario Remesal and the oenologist Roberto Martín, adding passion in all their elaborations.

The expression of a grape that is one-of-its-kind in the world


We propose a journey of the senses to discover the essence of Tinta de Toro. What Rejadorada offers is a collection of experiences to enjoy discovering a world of intense aromas and flavours, with a variety of nuances ranging from fresh to mature, from mineral to fruity, from balanced to singular. A variety of unique and evocative experiences.

Rejadorada Roble 2022

Rejadorada Roble


A fruity expression of the character of the Tinta de Toro grape in a wine that has been carefully thought-out and crafted, achieving a balance between varietal intensity and oak nuances, with a smooth palate that is perfect for all tastes.

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Novellum Crianza



The result of a complex ageing of old vines in different types of oak and toasted notes, showing the harmony between the spice and the deep purple berries typical of the variety. A round and balanced wine that offers the essence of Tinta de Toro with the spirit of oak.

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Sango 2016



The absolute epiphany of singular vineyards more than 80 years old that showcases the spirit of a unique variety in a highly expressive wine. We invite you to discover the personality of a captivating aroma that combines power and intensity with an elegant and subtle palate.

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Bravo de Rejadorada



Sprouted from the pre-phylloxera sands of the El Castañar estate (1910), Bravo is the ultimate expression of Tinta de Toro. Made only in exceptional years, it ferments in oak barrels in which it remains for more than two years, adding spices, liquorice, and elegant notes to the mineral profile of a unique vineyard. The exclusivity of the unrepeatable.

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Antona Garcia

Antona García


This immortal woman was on our minds at every step across the stony soil of Finca Miralmonte (1953), from which it emerged subtle and powerful, like a new vision of Tinta de Toro. The result of history, a passion for wine, and avant-garde oenology. Aged in Hungarian oak and acacia barrels, Antona García emphasises the floral and red berry notes.

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Respect for the varietal, strict selection of the finest bunches from the El Sol estate (1978). Differential elaboration and ageing for more than a year in exclusive stoneware ceramic vessels that allow us to bring out the minerality of the Tinta de Toro as never before. Ample, opulent, and natural reflection of absolute purity. The spirit of the land of a vineyard made wine.

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Rejadorada Verdejo 2023

Rejadorada Verdejo


The Verdejo variety with Rejadorada’s characteristic authenticity. The vineyards are planted with goblet-trained vines, and we discover a fruity wine with spicy notes and a full-bodied palate thanks to its distinctive ageing on the lees. Freshness, acidity, and intensity in an elegant wine with great character.

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Our travels in search of Authentic Wines

After more than 20 years of tireless searching for exceptional wines, we have created the tour to enjoy authentic wine

A one-of-its-kind grape variety

Tinta de Toro is the grape of brave and resistant vineyards, capable of adapting to extreme climate and humble soils to express the character that made them unique. With it, we make authentic wines that convey the essence of our origins, an intense colour with aromas of forest-gathered fruit, mineral notes that evoke unique sensations, and a body that is the essence of an inimitable wine.

racimo de uva tinta de toro
hombre exprimiendo uvas tinta de toro

Craftsmanship as a partnership between tradition and passion

There is no other way to create authenticity than through the passion of non-conformist minds. The same team of people care for and make Tinta de Toro by hand, from the fields to the final labels, forming a family that combines passion, technique, history, experience, and process, capable of giving life to wines able to convey their place of origin.

The Rejadorada brand, guarantee of authenticity

Passion, technique, and tradition make us different, Tinta de Toro non-conformists, and the echo of three generations that permeates every step of the journey, unique. Only those wines that manage to convey this essence end up with the Rejadorada seal of authenticity.


Wine Tourism

We invite you to discover the secrets held by non-conformist minds on our way to the maximum expression of Tinta de Toro. A unique experience in which you can stroll through our vineyards and facilities to discover the essence of our journey in search of authentic wines.

General conditions of the visit
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vista del edificio de la Bodega Rejadorada
vista cenital de los vinedos de Bodega Rejadorada