Our story begins in 1999 in a fifteenth century small palace located in Toro (Zamora), the palace of Reja Dorada. Here the particular project of Luis Remesal, José Antonio de Saja and José A. Fernández (Chencho) is born: make red wines which stand out for careful preparation and extreme care in each process to obtain fine, complex and harmonious wines with a great protagonist: the variety “Tinta de Toro”.

In 2003, Rejadorada grows with a new winery in San Román de Hornija (Valladolid) with the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for the elaboration, ageing and bottling, while remaining faithful to the old methods of preparation and the love for things well-done.

At present, continues with a team led by Mario Remesal and the winemaker Roberto Martín, takes the witness of their predecessors bringing new ideas and energizing this excitement so characteristically of Rejadorada, in order to transmit through these wines history, tradition and passion.



Our philosophy is based on the combination of wine-making tradition with new enological techniques.

Only with this symbiosis we have achieved our wines to be so special and undoubtedly benchmark of high quality of Toro wines.

A tireless search for finding unique wines with special character that our mind imagines to bring them to life.



Our elaboration is focused on producing exceptional quality red wines made with the variety of Tinta de Toro.

We follow with special care all the processes from the vine to the ageing step in barrels.



Our vines are on soils of sand and gravel on clay background. Only here we could find an ideal soil so that the vines – with the help of air, rain and sun – would reach exquisite scents and nuances in seeds of the Tinta de Toro grape.

These plantations have the age from 20 to 40 years for Rejadorada Roble, between 40 and 60 for Novellum, 65 years for Antona García, between 70 to 95 years for Sango and 107 years for Bravo.



The answer about who decides the harvest date is very simple: the maturity of the grape. Thanks to several controls, we are able to respect their perfect moment without imposing our times.

Therefore, we select and manually collect the grape and transport it in boxes in order to the product would arrives at the winery in the best fruity, physical and organoleptic conditions.



We continue taking care of the details with a primary moment for Rejadorada. When the grape reaches the winery, we examine the grape on the table in a very rigorous criteria in which we remove all the clusters or strange elements, which may reduce the quality of the wine.


After obtaining exactly the seeds we need, the grape is passed over to fermentation tanks.

During the first 4 or 5 days, we subject the grapes to a cold maceration and double pumping over of the must, which will ferment with native yeasts of our winery.

This wine under the veil of flor , obtained by saignée, is micro oxygenated prior to malolactic fermentation in order to stabilise the colour and obtain the aromatic refinement which we look for.



Our winery is complemented with French oak barrels, American oak and oak from Eastern Europe, mainly Hungarian.

Those who decide on the time our wine will rest in the barrels are: the type of vine and wine, tasting results and the type of oak of the barrels with a primary objective: that our wines would present the minimum possible variations year after year.



Discover the collection into which we have embodied the soul of Rejadorada in order to create very versatile wines with the Tinta de Toro DO mark.

We like to see Rejadorada Tinto Roble as our Tamed Toro. All the characteristics of a wine with the body of Toro but which, at the same time, has been very thoughtful, observing that caress shown during its manufacture process in order to obtain a modern and pleasant wine for every palate.


Our great travelling companion who never lets us down. Perhaps it is because classical tastes as well as the newest ones surrender to this wine. What we definitely can say about Novellum is that a most modern style wine, which is extraordinarily well in mouth thanks to its deliciously balanced flavours. For us it is a perfect work.


The power and all the aromas in a high-expression wine. With Sango we invite you to discover a delicious perfume embedded in a wine and while enjoying it, the taste sensation is such that it takes a long time to disappear, inviting us to taste it again in an elegant and subtle way. An absolute revelation.


The Tinta de Toro mixed with the affection of Rejadora can offer us the ultimate expression. Bravo is the combination of the Toro red wine’s expression attached to its own wine exclusiveness in order to achieve a special and unique essence. It is a great job for our team to be able to offer one of our most thoughtful jewels.


The noble Antona García had always been on our mind till finally one day we met her through this elegant and subtle wine thanks to its special ageing. Antona was waiting patiently for us in order to develop more complex and dynamic wine in which the fruity aroma of Tinta de Toro still can be notice. Due to this surveyed selection of special woods and the most subtle ageing, we have obtained a wine which is unified with tradition, because our Antona is tradition.


Aier inspired by the idea to take the concept of “varietal respect” and “minerality” to another level. We look for the maximum expression of Tinta de Toro we make it evolve through the oxygen that passes through the stoneware walls; so that what we smell is exclusively what the vineyard itself provides.


Rejadorada is red, red and more red wine… And why not a white wine with typical characteristics of Rejadorada? This wine is Rejadorada Verdejo, intense and balanced, sweet-toothed at the end with fruity aromas and this soft touch of bitterness, typical of the Verdejo variety.

The ultimate expression of a brave, beautiful and immortal woman.

Antona García reflects the honour and courage of Antona in a glass of wine. A wine that will amaze us with the harmony of fruitiness and minerality of the Tinta de Toro, with the traditional method of production and ageing in selected oak barrels.

The Tinta de Toro variety is expressed in an elegant and delicate form in our glasses after ageing for eleven months.

Antona García is tradition, is Toro, is Rejadorada.



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